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Glass Re-imagined - Custom Glass & Mirror Specialists

There are many different services and unique products that we offer.
We are well known for our sandblasted etched glass designs but we also specialize in a variety of other custom glass work and decorative glass design services for both residential and commercial projects.

  Be sure to take your time & look through our galleries & collections sections to see some of the work we have done as well as our catalogues of designs we utilize. Also please consider following our YouTube channel to see interesting projects & demonstration videos. You will discover the many possibilities.
We are also a local distributor for Think Glass thermoformed glass and Verre Select textured glass. We offer everything from simple glass & mirror cutting, to breathtaking works of art.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or better yet, come down
to our showroom & pay us a visit.

Elevate your business or Home

Custom Glass Options

There are many companies out there that cut & provide glass products. It's our mission at MPD to be set apart as a company that can help you realize your vision and provide custom glass options that will help elevate your space with all sorts of services and unique products we provide. Glass films, sandblasting, textured and frosted glass options are all excellent ways to create that wow factor while creating privacy.

We have incorporated designs into many different types of work ranging from simple cabinet doors, tempered glass railings, mirrors, showers, exterior & interior doors & windows, dividers, signage, glass films, high resolution printed graphics & the list goes on. We are also now offering safety shields, partition posts, lexan & plexiglass desk shields & other dividing glass options to help protect people on the front lines.  

Custom Glass
partitions & shields

Custom Solutions for glass

Did you know we custom configure partitions, transaction shields & many other glass products?

Thank you for the loyalty and trust you have placed in us to provide your family and businesses with our products and services during the last couple years. We had the opportunity to work in many businesses that required custom partition solutions. We will continue to offer a wide assortment of custom & standard partition & containment plexiglass & glass desk screens & guards to help protect for different scenarios. Please check out our gallery of safety shields & partitions here to see some of the projects we have worked on.


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